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Tile partner

Product Description:
Tile is the introduction of German technology partner water, raw materials and polymer chemistry from the multifunctional polymer interface modifier and filler combination of components
Interfacial modifier, this product has hyperosmolar new environmentally friendly products and high bond strength, effectively solve tiles, tiles and other tiles falling, hollowing and other issues.
Reconstruction can not be directly applied to the fundamentals of construction, such as renovation of the old tile surface directly: concrete frame template after the removal of the smooth surface alteration; the back of the low water absorption of a variety of tiles, antique tiles, stone tiles and other cultural pretreatment; aerated concrete light brick, high water absorption anhydrite base transformation; others may need to transform the basis of normal construction needs.
* Primary treatment: grass-roots dough clean, solid, no oil, batik, dust and loose material;
       * Wetting with water before the construction of the wall surface of the absorbent wall can sprinkle some water to water ignorance prevail:
        * A predetermined ratio and mixed with a stirrer to stir gruel-like:
        * With a spray gun, brush or roller will be configured sequentially from top to bottom glue evenly spray (brush) to the base surface to be processed to form a uniform screw-like:
        * Sprayed with water after the strong moist mortar condensation:
        * For low water absorption of the back of the glass, antique porcelain tiles, stone and other materials brushing the product directly with cement mortar or tile adhesive paste until the product solidified.
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