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Fresh Water Generator System For Seawater


Source and quality of raw water
water source : Middle East sea water
water quality : According to the related material understanding, we by an average of seawater contains a large number of colloidal material, salinity 36000ppm, for reference in design for data.
Temperature :15-25 ℃ ℃
1.1 Water supply system:water supply rate:200m3/h;temperature:15-25℃;
1.2 Air supply system :clean,dry and oil-free compressed air;pressure:0.7 Mpa
1.3Power supply system:500KW,380V/50Hz/5Ф;220v/50Hz/1Ф
1.4 main technical parameters
1.4.1 ultrafiltration device feed water quality requirements:
Temperature: 5-40 ℃
PH: 3-11
Filtration system pressure:0.1-0.3 MPa
System design:Ultrafiltration system by ultrafiltration pump, ultrafiltration membrane module, measurement instrument, cleaning device, dosing device etc.
Effluent is:Suspended solids removal rate: 99 percent after purification suspended 1mg/L acuities.Turbidity: more than 0.2 NTU pollution index SDI < 3
Water production rate > 90%
1.4.2 seawater reverse osmosis
ingoing water quality requirements:Inlet water temperature shoulds not be too low, such as < 10 ℃, feed need to add heating Settings.
The highest design inlet water temperature is unfavorable exceed 40 ℃
System design:
The reverse osmosis device by the security filter, high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane
module, flushing system, chemical cleaning system, dosing system, measurement instrument and
electrical control system etc.
Effluent is:Of drinking water quality recovery: 40 percent
1.4.3 electrical equipments
Control cabinet: it contains PLC, rack accessories, with current, voltage display, take leakage,lack of such protection device
Components: Siemens company or the same brand
Protective level: IP54
Material: carbon steel pensu
1.4.4automatic control system
Ultrafiltration system adopts PLC + industrial computer automatic control method, realize full-automatic operation, automatic reverse-wash process and to realize constantly monitor filtering equipment, always detection function, including circular trough level detection, clear liquid tank level detection, rinse box level detection, cleaning box level detection, ultrafiltration membrane equipment components import and export pressure detecting, ultrafiltration membrane flux testing equipment. Realize full-automatic integration, manual substation, convenient operation.
System flow

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