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Automatic Module Butt Welding Machine


LWAMB800 is automatically controlled by PLC program operated on wide friendly human-machine interface. Used for welding of antenna and modules of non-contact cards(radio-frequency cards). Adopt double-pulse high frequency anti-coverting technology which ensures fast speed and good quality. 3X8、4X8、5X5sheet layout available.
It is suitable for welding process of INLAY antenna and dual interface tin sheet.
1、Double-shaft servo system ensures accurate position of butt welding.
2、Double-end welding structure ensures high production efficiency.
3、Double-end not only can work together, but also can work respectively. It boats high flexibility.
4、Position parameters of welding heads are stored by independent data memory, when it is needed to process different layout INLAY and different types INLAY antenna and chip welding, position parameters of welding heads must be set. Operation is simple, visualised and convenient.
5、High frequency contravariant welding control reflects rapidly and precision is high.
6、Welding output pulse voltage/ current /time setting digitalized, accurate and precise, it is easy to be adjusted.
7、It has the function of automatic alarm and human-machine interface will pop up error information in case of errors and prompt solutions.
Power supply
AC 220V/50 HZ
Coil spec.
Diameter 0.1~0.15mm(copper line)
Total power
Control method
PLC program+double servo locating system
Air source
6kg/cm²(no water)
1 person
Air consumption
About 30L/min
Overall demension
About 600Kg
Material specification
Screen veneers such as PVC\, ABS, and PETG of implanted antenna and dual interface tin copper sheet.

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