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Moderate Temperatue Filling Line
Moderate temperature filling technology adopts normal PET bottle and fills tea drinks and drinks and juice at 70℃. Products can reach the requirement of shelf life without any preservatives. The capacity ranges from 5000BPH to 36000BPH.

High precision quantitative flowmeter filling machine
It is used to fill Edible Oil, sauce and so on. The low vacuum machine fills fast and accurately without drips remaining on valve nozzles. The capping mechanism sucks caps by vacuum and can undergo easy cap-type change.The production speed is adjustable by inverter. A PLC controls the whole machine....

Capsule coffee machine 2
Capsule Type: Nespresso compatible capsules   Specification: 220V-240V, 50/60HZ, 1000WGood cream and fluent design in appreanceDifferent color available Control the coffee volume by flowmeterAutomatic ejection of used capsulesPatented capsule system compaible with Nespresso capsu...

Capsule coffee machine
Product Name: Automatic capsule coffee machine                  Art No.:  KF01   ◣20 Bar Pump:The ideal pressure for the perfect ‘crema’ head ◣1.0 L removable water tank ◣Programmable and automati...

Semi-auto powder filler
Features It’s used to fill powder type material. With the features of high precision, small space, easy-operation and filling volume and filling speed could be adjusted. Specifications Model DXDBF Packing speed 10-40 pots/min Filling scale 1...

Glass bottle delabelling and washing production line
Features Model 150 type of automatic bottle washer, which is used for diverse specifications of bottles. Whatever new or old bottles of beer, bottles of wine, bottles of spirits and so on. Model 150 of automatic bottle washer is formed by steeper, outside brush machine, inside br...

LNG filling machine
Features Suitable for quantitative filling of LNG natural gas, liquid chlorine, liquefied gas  The system uses PLC, touch screen, safe and reliable Filling nozzle and p...

Automatic strong acid filling machine
Features Suitable for quantitative filling of sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc. The system uses PLC, touch screen, safe and reliable Automatic barrels entering, filling and&nbs...

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