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Automatic Cap Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealer
Features 1. This machine applies to foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, chemical and pesticide industries.2. Suitable bottle cap: Diameter: Ф10mm-Ф80mm3. GMP audit requirement be conformed.4. The aluminum foil sealer makes bow wave and generates become heat. Major CharacteristicsThis mach...

Palletizing robot
Features Our palletizing robot is four free-degree cylinder surface coordinate palletizing robot, mainly move by horizontal movement axis, vertical movement axis, rotation foundation and front hand axis. The palletizing robot is constituted of palletizing robot body and palletizing ...

Aseptic plastic pouch packing machine
Features This packing machine has wide applications in various fields, including liquid dairy products, plant protein beverages such as bean milk, peanut milk, soy, vinegar, yellow wine and scour. Realizable in function and nice in appearance, it also has the extending functions of auto...

Aseptic pillow shape packing machine
Features Aseptic pillow shaped filling machine is new high stable aseptic equipment. It finished paper packing material’s sterilizing, modeling, sealing and cutting in aseptic environment, and fill the material which has treated by UHT into package. The products have long shelf life. ...

Aseptic brick-shape carton packing machine
Features The machine is applicable for aseptic packing of liquid milk and non-soda drink, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drink, tea beverage, fruit wine etc. gravity flow type liquid food that have been carried out after UHT sterilization. The whole machine is made of stainless stee...

Auto liquid packing machine
Features It's suitable to use in automatically packing liquid materials of foodstuff, medicine, and chemical industry. Such as shampoo, shower gel, skin lotion, toothpaste, cosmetic cream, fruit jam, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup etc viscous and no viscous fluid state. Main s...

Straw type bag filling and sealing machine
Features Our GF Plastic Bag Filling and Sealing Machine is a fully automatic set of equipment suitable for the packaging of highly viscous products such as milk, yogurt, bean curd, vinegar, soybean sauce and various fruit juices. There are three models available (GF-60, GF-120, GF...

5-12L water packing machine
Features The machine was designed and manufactured by our company for a special purpose of pillow pouch packaging for liquid products. The machine can use composite films. And it can automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, dosing, sealing, date printing, etc. D...

Automatic granule packing machine
Features Chinese and English display control system, stainless steel box body, after the parameters (length of bag) are set at the display setting unit, the control system then automatically optimizes and matches various movements, thus achieves the best packing speed. Equipped with rel...

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