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Bottle rinse machine
Features QS series rotary bottle washing machine adopts advanced technology. It adopts continuously spraying and washing method. It has high efficiency and good washing result. The equipment is mainly used to clean the plastic bottles of mineral water, pure water. It's a perfect eq...

Bottle filling machine
Features The filler can accurately fill non-carbonated drink, such as pure water, mineral water, wine, fruit juice. It can also fill other liquid  such as vinegar, milk and pesticide. It has advantages of no broken bottle, no leaking, and convenient maintenance and others. It also ...

Bottle capping machine
Features The capping machine is suitable for sealing various size of glass bottle, plastic bottle. It is perfect in performance, reliable in operation and easy in maintenance. So it is widely used in automatic packing lines for various kinds of wine, drink, pharmaceuticals, re...

Beer filling machine
Features The BG series of filler crown capper monobloc beer filling machine is manufactured and designed through the introduce of technology from Germany KRONES Co., its capability is in the leading position among the trades of the same kind in our country, with precise and ac...

Glass bottle washer
Features This one end bottle-inputting and outputting washer occupies only a little space, and it is also easy to be operated.     Many soaking tanks, one of them is pre-soaking tank ,two main soaking tanks,the temperature of pre-soaking tank and soaking tanks are respe...

Light checker
Features It is connect with the filling line to check the impurity in the bottle. Specifications 1 Model: DJ-1 2 Power: 40w 3 Dimension: 800*130*300mm 4 Usage: TO check the filled bottles.

Bottle warming machine
Features Based on advanced same technologies from Germany, Italy and Taiwan; we developed this new type of bottle cooling and heating machine. Its working process can be divided into 3 stages, circulating hot water spraying, warm water precooling and cold water-cooling/heating temperatu...

Bottle inverse sterilizing chain
Features It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of bottle caps. The bottle mouth and inside surface of bottle caps will be disinfected by the hot filling tea, fruit juice which having been filled in PET bottle. It mainly c...

Fully Automatic Capping Machine
Features 1. This machine is designed for pressing interior cap of round bottles.2. It can also be used for picking bottles, it runs stably, and it is simple to operate.3. Production capacity: ≤ 6000bottles/hour4. Air-out speed: 15 L/S Major Characteristics:This machine is designed fo...

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