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Cold drink tank
Features The cold drink tank contains compressor using freon F-12 as refrigerant, and pressure sensor, and temperature regulator for automatic control. It is a necessary equipment for aerated water and sparkling wine production industry. Specifications   Model ...

Super high temperature sterilizer
Features There are two kinds of specification:manual control and automatic control.It is suitable for the liquid material,such as fresh milk,fruit drink,wine,soybean milk and so on,as well as the sticky material (for example,sweat dense milk) upon completing with high-pressure homogeniz...

Colloid mill machine
Features The whole machine is covered by shell which is made of polished stainless steel. All buttons are fixed on the shell. The appearance is nice. It is used in the modern industry production,as well as milk industry,food industry,pharmacy industry and so on. Specifications ...

Double layer pot
Features It’s mainly used in breaking,heating,softing the fruit and vegetable. Specifications Volume (L)     300      Working pressure (Mpa)     0.15      Heating area (m2) &n...

Fruit beater
Features The equipment is used in beating,discarding residue of fruit or vegetable material. Specifications Production Capacity      2-4T/h       Power      3kw     ...

Surf fruit cleaner
Features It's suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables. After passing through a filter,the waste water recycles. During cleaning,feeding of fruit and it's very effective. The circulation water pushes raw materials to the exit,it is connected with a lift,and connec...

Brewery equipments
Features We could supply turn key beer production equipments, including large-middle type mash/lauter equipment, fermentation equipment, yeast propagation equipment, filter system, CIP cleaning system, micro beer brewery equipment, bio-pharmaceutical equipment vino equipment, fruit...

Fresh Water Generator System For Seawater
Features Source and quality of raw water water source : Middle East sea water water quality : According to the related material understanding, we by an average of seawater contains a large number of colloidal material, salinity 36000ppm, for reference in design for data. Temperatur...

Flat Sheet Membrane Equipment
Features The membrane casting line for flat sheet membrane is consisted of a dissolving system for preparing dope solution, an unwinder of non-woven fabric on which dope solution is coated, a casting device, and a winder. The widths of membrane fabricated by the line are 12, 24, and 42 ...

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