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Chocolate conche and refiner
Features Chocolate conche and refiner is used in fine grinding of chocolate mass;it is the main equipment in chocolate production line. There are five functions: crushing sugar, cocoa butter grinding, mixing,refining and conc...

Chocolate holding tank
Features The holding tank is to store the fine grinded chocolate mass in constant temperature;it is with automatic temperature control system Specifications     Model Project 30 100 300 500 1000 2000 1500~5000 Maximum capac...

Chocolate ball mill
Features The chocolate ball mill is a special machine for fine milling chocolate mass and its admixture. Through the impact and friction between the material and the steel balls inside the vertical cylinder,the mass is fine milled into the required fineness. Specifications ...

Chocolate enrobing line
Features The enrobing line is to coat chocolate on various food such as biscuit,wafers,egg rolls,cake pie and snacks etc.Cooling tunnel is available.There are following special devices for optional also:1:Magazine feeder:To simplify the feeding of biscuits or wafers etc to the enrobing ...

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