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High-Speed ultrasonic card packing machine
Features AHP3000 is automatically controlled by PLC program, English/Chinese language and friendly man-machine interface touch screen operation. Adopt a continuous Ultrasonic welding process, continuous feeding cards and film mode.&...

Automatic Hot-pressed Card Packing Machine
Features This machine LWLB600 is automatically controlled by PLC and operated on touch screen human-machine friendly interface. Welding by adopting hot-pressed and pressure-pressed technology, card sending and film conveying by stepping motor, which ensures high speed and stable work of...

Automatic SIM-ONLY card Packing Machine
Features The machine LWAHP900 is controlled automatically by PLC program, operate on Chinese-English friendly touch screen human machine. Ultrasonic welding, servo motor send the cards and film continuously. High speed and clear of welding pattern. Suitable to pack ISO standard card, h...

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