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Automatic Hole Punching Machine
Features LWAPH400 adopts the touch screen friendly human-machine interface, the duplex cylinder punching pin could be swiched to punch the large chip or small chip. Servo moto and the imported gapless built-in ball and lead screw feeding with high precision. The feed/punching methods in...

Automatic Antenna Implanting Machine
Features Model: LWAEM800 PC control principle is adopted and the wide LCD screen enables operation to be simple and visual.The routine of the antenna is prefinished in professional PC drawing software, and then the machine will perform antenna embedding according to the programmed rout...

Automatic Module Butt Welding Machine
Features LWAMB800 is automatically controlled by PLC program operated on wide friendly human-machine interface. Used for welding of antenna and modules of non-contact cards(radio-frequency cards). Adopt double-pulse high frequency anti-coverting technology which ensures fast speed and g...

Automatic IC Slot Milling Machine
Features LWAMIC6000 is operated on touch screen hunman-machine interface automatically and controlled by PLC. Servo system drive specially made belt send the card automatically and the parameter is adjustable which ensuring the card conveying fast and stable.Multiple three-shaft positio...

Automatic Spot Tin & Glue Laminating Machine
Features LWATW400 is controlled by PLC human-machine interface, and is positioned and conveyed by stepping motor. Imported double moving cylinder moves along straight line, using the most advanced spot glue machine spot tin tin point, welding with hot wind, milling tin point with X...

Automatic Dual Interface Card ImplantingMachine
Features LWADIC300 is controlled by mitsubishi Q series PLC+human-machine interface, is positioned by mitsubishi servo, is amended and conveyed by SMC double moving cylinder. Collecting and releasing IC stripe and reel autmatically, testing and positioning by high sensitive photoelectri...

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