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Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine
Features LWSPM100 is controlled by PLC, operate on human-friendly English and Chinese touch screen, incorporating feeding automatic, position, output material. It is suitable for the screen printing on all kinds card material, such as PET, ABS, PETG etc. 1.The feeding and suck material...

Manual Magnetic Stripe Mounting Machine
Features LWMMS150 is controlled by relay, and uses imported temperature control equipment to control the temperature,the spot welding time is controlled by time relay,the magnetic stripe can be mounted on the covered film under the heating and pressure. It is available for mounting sh...

Automatic Magnetic Stripe Mounting Machine
  LWAMS600 Automatic Multi-function Magnetic Stripe Mountin Machine Features Coiled Magnetic Strip Can Be Mounted On The PET Or PVC Film Or Sheet Material When The Recycling System Will Recycle The Magnetic Strip Foil. After The Mounting Finished, Cutting It Into Prearr...

PVC Positioning Spot Welding Machine
  LWDH400 PVC Positioning Spot Welding Machine Features The machine is controlled by relay, the welding machine uses the import temperature control instrument to control the temperature and the time relay to control the welding time. It is available for the contraposi...

Laminating Machine
  LW100Y Automatic Laminating Machine Features This machine is a card making equipment with high precision and high output and it is made up of PLC control system and mechanical hydraulic system. It incorporate with hot and cold pressure, it is available for the lamin...

Punching Machine
  LWSCP120 Semi-Automatic Punching Machine(servo motor) Features The machine is operated on touch screen friendly human-machine, servo system as punching motivity to get high speed and high efficiency. High sensitivity optical fiber sensor support two sets of stepping...

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